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Find top-quality OEM and Aftermarket replacement parts to keep your Murray outdoor power equipment at peak performance. We sell genuine lawn mower parts and other outdoor power equipment parts with guaranteed Murray quality, and aftermarket parts by Rotary, your choice.Both are engineered to fit your Murray products and keep all your outdoor power equipment performing exactly as it should. , Fridgidair home products, Frigidair home products. Murray,  and Cub Cadet Mowers tillers lawn mowers lawnmower and accessories. Murray, YardMachines Weed eater & Poulan, and Poulan-Pro Lawn Mower Parts
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Murray manufactures parts and equipment for many leading homeowner brands in the lawn and garden industry. Some of the more popular brands that Murray produces and supplies parts to include Dynamark,Cub Cadet, Noma, and Brute., YardMachines Sears,Wizard, YardMachines Woodwards, Yard Master, Sears, YardMachines White Outdoorand many more. Murray also has an extensive line of attachments for lawn and garden tractors for the homeowner DIY market.



Murray also makes mowers and other power equipment for :
Bradley, Troy-Bilt White, Bolens, Yard Machine, Wizard, YardMachines Woodwards,
Yard Master, Sears, YardMachines Dynamark, Kgro,Weedeater, and others
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The following are comments, Positive and negative, from Murray owners.
These comments are from another site, and DO NOT represent our views on Murray has the following to say about Murray Lawn Mowers.
"Few things are as infuriating as a lawn mower that doesn't work. Unfortunately, this seems to be the case with many of the Murray mowers we hear about. Whether it's flimsy plastic gears, poorly-designed belts or gas leaks, the inexpensive Murrays seem to have more than their share of problems, as the complaints in this section indicate."

Connie of Portland TN (3/28/04):
I purchased this Murray Riding Mower on 4/16/03, shortly after the death of my husband. Only after a month or so of use, I had to have Home Depot have a Murray repair shop pick this mower up and take it to repair it. They kept it for almost 3 months. I had to hire someone to mow my lawn during that period. They said that they found nothing wrong with the mower. I finished the rest of the season with the mower.

I have since moved from FL to TN and now I am having the same problem---the mower WON'T START! I have put a new battery, a new spark plug and a new fuse in this mower and it still WON'T START. I am a widow; I have no one to help me. I do not have another mower and I NEED a mower that actually will START so that I may mow my 100 by 300 lot. I have called Home Depot AGAIN today and they are going to TRY to find a repair shop in my area and within 3 days have someone contact me that they are going to pick this mower up AGAIN and TRY to see what the problem is.

This mower does not cut the grass with any even-ness. It leaves a very large gap in the middle of what is supposed to be a 42" cutting span. BULL. It does not even come close to this. I NEED a mower that works and I NEED it NOW. NOT in 3 months from now like before.

I have to pay someone to mow my BIG lawn. I have to mow the lawn 3 times to be able to get the grass cut that the mower misses and this results in 3 times as much fuel for this piece of JUNK. I am not able to sit on this mower 3 times longer than it took with my John Deere.

Richard of Wagoner OK (9/24/03):
I bought a 42" riding Murray lawnmower from Walmart and I have had nothing but trouble with it. It never cut the grass evenly; it always gauged the dirt; and belts constantly broke on. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER MURRAY PRODUCT. The best thing about this lawn mower is that it was stolen last week. I DO NOT WANT IT RECOVERED.

I have spent several hundred dollars on this product without success.

Gene of Lawn TX (7/8/03):
This 42-inch Murray mower never cuts even and when I turn it gouges into the ground scalping the grass. I have tried new blades, belts and other stuff. As well it leaves grass standing in the middle and a person might as well mow like a 20-in span instead of 42 inches. I have never been more disgusted with a mower in my life.

David of Camden TN (6/16/03):
I purchased this 17.5 HP 48" cut rider from the Wal-Mart in Camden, TN in 1997. It has caused only me only cash and incontinence. I spent several hundred dollars on this piece of #$#$ last year and have already spent $80 this year. Have had continuous problems with this machine since I bought it. Fortunately for WallyMart, that's when the warranty expired.

Jason of Platte City MO (6/3/03):
I purchased a Murray riding mower with a Briggs & Stratton engine and a 42" deck about 7 yrs ago. After two years I had to replace the engine at a cost of $700.00. Since then I have had numerous "small" repairs and tire replacements costing me hundreds more. About two weeks ago the transmission went out (it's a hydrostatic transmission) and I am being told that this repair is around $800.00!

I have spent more on repairs than the cost of the riding mower! I have not been able to go one year without making repairs. I have found Murray and Briggs & Stratton to be unreliable trash. I would never purchase their products again.

Damage Resulting: In essence I have purchased a new mower (in terms of dollars spent on repairs) without the benefit of having a new mower. In fact, i have NOTHING to show for it.

Diane of Vincent AL (8/22/03):
I purchased a Murray 46-inch garden tractor approximately 3 years ago. This is a lemon mower! The deck leveling system is terrible. It has to be leveled at least twice every time I cut grass. This requires taking off the deck wheels and dropping the deck all the way down. Then I have to loosen 2 plastic knobs and retighten. The knobs don't hold well and I have had to replace the knobs at least once per season.

Also, the bushings in the mower deck that hold the 3 blades in place keep wearing out. I have to replace all three bushings at least twice per grass cutting season. They are not cheap and the entire mower deck has to come off so that they can be replaced.

Larry of Grapeview WA (4/19/03):
I purchased a Murray Riding mower 42" cut and 14.5hp engine in 1998. This mower has cost more in repairs than any vehicle I've ever owned. I've replaced the starter 2x's. The drive belt comes off 3 times a year. The repair people claim this is due to Murray not putting a guide bracket around the rear pulley which causes the belt to slip off when going from reverse to forward and visa versa. The cutting deck constantly slips out of alignment from the vibration no matter how much you tighten the screws. I have also replaced 2 pulleys on the cutting deck that aligns the belt for the cutting deck. This part comes loose from the spindle and eventually flies off. I only use this machine to cut my lawn and one of my rentals. I would not recommend another Murray to anyone.

I have spent more than $500 to keep this machine running since I bought it. This is parts and labor.