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Trouble-Shooting Tips for Generac Generators Models G1000, G1600, G2600, G4000
S4000, S4002, S5002
The engine must maintain a governed speed of 3600 rpm’s. If it does not, check the circuit breakers to be sure all the connections are tight. Be sure the rings and brushes are also in good condition. 
To check the magnetism on the coil magnets, access the brush terminals under the end cover plate. Connect the negative battery terminal to the generator frame and the positive terminal to the positive brush. For model G1000, use a 12 volt battery as the power source. Connect the jumper wires from the battery to the capacitor. 
To test the bridge rectifier with an ohmmeter, connect one lead to the positive terminal and the other lead to one of the AC terminals. Then switch to the other AC terminal. Check the reading each time. The ohmmeter should show continuity if the rectifier is working correctly. Repeat test using the negative terminal. The rectifier will need to be replaced if the ohmmeter does not show continuity. Model G1000 does not have a bridge rectifier. 
Use an ohmmeter or light tester to check the diode. Remove the diode from the generator, attach the tester leads and check the reading. Reverse the leads and check the reading again. One reading should be high and one low. With an ohmmeter, if both readings are the same, the diode needs to be replaced. With a light tester, the light should light up when connected one way and not light up when the leads are reversed. Model G1000 does not have a diode.     
Perform preventative maintenance when the Generac generator is apart by checking the bearings, receptacles and electrical connections to be sure they are in good working order.
When the generator G1000 is disassembled, all bearings are sealed and require no lubrication. This should be a smooth operation inspect the condition on electrical and receptacles and all switches. The maintenance has very little up keep. 
When trouble shooting your generator for little or no output watts 750 you must first make sure your engine is in good condition and your speed is 3600 rpm. Make sure all wiring is clean and tight and the circuit breakers or in good condition. Even with the generator stopped the capacitor should still have a retained charge.          
To test your model G1600, use an ohmmeter set. The ohmmeter leads connected to the capacitor terminals, then a deflection meter will be seen by a slow return to infinity. Terminals by connecting jumper wires from the battery to the capacitor not more then a few seconds. The output of 1400 watts should then be to a normal level. on all models except the G1000. 
All models are equipped with a diode, which may be checked after removing the diode from the generator. G2600 note the reading should be very high for one and low for the other connection.      
To overhaul your generator you must disassembly and reassembly to make sure the unit is working condition. Sealed bearings should be inspected for smooth operation.              
 All models Except G1000 Are equipped with bridge rectifier located on the frame. To test the rectifier, you must disconnect wiring .If this test does not locate your malfunction, you must disassembled and start over with all steps.                                                                    
If little or no output is generated, check the circuit breakers and make sure all wiring has good connection. If field coil magnets have lost their magnetism, remove end cover plate to gain access to the terminals. Connect battery negative terminal to generator and positive battery terminal to generator brush. Disconnect battery as soon voltage rises.