Carlisle Turf Master Tires

Carlisle Turf Master Tire.

Carlisle Turf Master - Commercial grade performance with a profile to optimize stability and traction.

The Turf Master is the choice for professional users requiring the highest performance and dependability from their equipment. These commercial grade tires feature our most durable tread compound with deep tread elements in a profile optimized for stability and traction. Common uses for the Turf Master Tires are Commercial Grade Turf and Lawn Mowers, Tractors, Zero Turn Mowers and more.



Load rating


5112491 check price for Carlisle Part 5112491

4 28 480 10 mph 13.4 6.1 4.50


5112521 check price for Carlisle Part 5112521

4 30 565 10 mph 14.4 6.0 4.50


5112531 check price for Carlisle Part 5112531

2 14 385 10 mph 15.0 6.2 5.38


6L03071 check price for Carlisle Part 6L03071

4 28 585 10 mph 15.0 6.2 5.38


5114011 check price for Carlisle Part 5114011

4 28 615 10 mph 16.5 6.3 5.38


5114021 check price for Carlisle Part 5114021

4 24 675 10 mph 16.5 7.0 5.38


5114171 check price for Carlisle Part 5114171

4 28 760 10 mph 17.4 6.4 5.38


5114041 check price for Carlisle Part 5114041

4 22 825 10 mph 18.3 8.1 7.00


5114131 check price for Carlisle Part 5114131

4 24 1040 10 mph 18.1 9.2 7.00


5114161 check price for Carlisle Part 5114161

4 22 1170 10 mph 20.0 8.8 6.00


511405 check price for Carlisle Part 511405

4 22 1200 10 mph 19.6 10.4 7.00


511257 check price for Carlisle Part 511257

4 20 1320 10 mph 20.1 10.3 8.00


5114281 check price for Carlisle Part 5114281

4 24 910 10 mph 20.2 8.1 6.00


511433 check price for Carlisle Part 511433

4 24 1305 10 mph 21.9 9.1 7.00


511255 check price for Carlisle Part 511255

4 22 1480 10 mph 21.7 10.1 7.00


511419 check price for Carlisle Part 511419

4 22 1100 10 mph 22.9 8.4 7.00


511408 check price for Carlisle Part 511408

4 20 1390 10 mph 23.2 10.0 8.50


511434 check price for Carlisle Part 511434

4 24 1500 10 mph 23.7 9.6 7.00


511409 check price for Carlisle Part 511409

4 20 1710 10 mph 23.3 11.4 8.50

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Turf Master Tires

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Not looking at the right stuff? Choose a brand from the menu above.
AGRI-FAB---Makers of fine lawn and garden tractor attachments lawn mowers
AMF---There are still a few parts available for these units through Murray
AMERICAN YARD PRODUCTS---Makers of Craftsman, Wizard, Poulan, Weed Eater
ARIENS---Currently we are only supplying Aftermarket Parts for this brand.
ATLAS---Built for the Canadian market by MTD
AYP---Manufacturers of Craftsman, Wizard, Poulan, Poulan Pro , Weedeater and more
BLUEBIRD---A few aftermarket items available
BOBCAT--- Many common belts and blades available for Bobcat Mowers
BRIGGS & STRATTON---The most popular engine we have all the parts you need!
BOLENS---One of MTD's product line. Sold at Lowe's and Home Depot
BUNTON---Aftermarket only for these mowers - no parts lookups
CARLISLE---Carlisle tires are the most popular tire used in the Outdoor Power Industry
CHAMPION SPARK PLUGS--- Popular Spark Plugs used In Outdoor Power Equipment
CLINTON---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
CLUB CAR---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
CRAFTSMAN--- Americas most popular brand of power equipment.
CUB CADET---We carry the Cub Cadet residential line. Not all Cub parts will be available
DANA--- Transmissions and Transaxles popular in the lawn and garden market
DIXIE CHOPPER---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
DIXON---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
DOLMAR---Chain Saws, String Trimmers, Demolition saws, hedge trimmers and more
DYNAMARK---Purchased by Murray several years ago, some parts available for these
ECHO---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
ELECTROLUX---/ American Yard Products, some AYP equipment with EHP model.
ENCORE---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
EXMARK---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
EZGATE--- Easily raise your trailers tailgate with this simple addition.
FERRIS---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
FHP---Another of the brand monacres for American Yard Products
FOOTE---Dana Foot and Spicer are - Outdoor Power Equipment Division Only
FRIGIDAIR HOME Products--- American Yard Products built
GENERAC---"Old Generac" and "new Generac" combined into this database
GILSON---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
GOODALL---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
GRASS HOPPER---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
GRAVELY---Aftermarket only for these
GREAT DANE---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
GREEN MACHINE---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
HAHN---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
HONDA--- (Power Equipment & Engines) Full line of Honda power equipment Parts
HUSQVARNA LAWN MOWER PARTS--- Mowers, Tillers, Snow blowers
HUSQVARNA HAND HELD---Chain Saws, Trimmers, Blowers and such
HUSKEE---Another buyout company of MTD, many parts available.
Hydro-Gear Parts and Replacement Units--- The most popular pumps and motors
No "I" Brands
JACOBSEN---Some parts still available as Homelite Parts
JOHN DEERE---Aftermarket only for Deere - Many belts blades,switches and more
KAWASAKI--- We have all of the parts for these quality Kawasaki engines
KEES---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
K-GRO---Another American Yard Products Product
KOHLER--- Full line of OEM and Aftermarket parts for these engines
KUBOTA---Many Aftermarket parts available for Kubota. - no parts lookups
LAWN BOY---Aftermarket only for these - no parts lookups
LAWN CHIEF---Produced by MTD. Thousands of parts available for Lawn Chief Models
LAUSON---Lauson engines and engine parts
LCT--- LCT engines and engine parts
MCCULLOCH---Chainsaws / Handheld equip. Aftermarket only for these
MCCULLOCH---Lawn Mowers produced by AYP
MONTGOMERY WARD--- Most montgomery Ward mowers were built by MTD
MTD---They're everywhere they're everywhere! MTD parts inside.
MURRAY---In its day, Americas most popular mower. Many parts still available
Oregon--- Chain saw bars, chains, and clutches. Oregon Lawn mower parts are also included here.
PEERLESS---Most parts and transaxles are still available
POULAN MOWER AND TILLER PARTS---AYP Poulan branded equipment here.
No "Q" Brands
RALLY PARTS--- Most parts are still available for Rally equipment
RIDGID Power Tools--- Bought by TTI, Most parts are still in production
ROPER---American Yard Products built Outdoor Power Equipment carry the Roper name.
RYOBI Outdoor Power Handheld--- All trimmers EXCEPT Yellow Shaft Models.
RYOBI Lawn Mowers---Manufactured for Ryobi by its parent company MTD
RYOBI Hand Tools---Power tools by Ryobi, Brushes, cases, cords and everything!
SCOTTS---Purchased by Murray, many parts available No parts for John Deere built Scott's
SENTRY--- Another Murray branded line of mowers and equipment
SEARS--- Craftsman branded equipment
SNAPPER --- ForestGump Shops Here! We carry most Snapper parts
SPICER---Transaxles, Differentials, and Transmissions By Foote
STANLEY---Stanley by Murray. Many parts still available for Stanley Mowers
STENS---Cross reference your Stens numbers into Rotary Parts
STIHL---Aftermarket parts only for Stihl saws and equipment.
TECUMSEH--- Thousands of parts still available for this discontinued brand of engines!
TILLOTSON---Tillotson Carburetors, Carb Kits, Floats, Gaskets and more.
TORO---Aftermarket parts only for Toro at this time.
TROY BILT--- MTD manufactures all of the parts for these Mowers and Tiller.
No "U" Brands
No "V" Brands
WALBRO--- Walbro Carburetors, Carburetor Kits, and Replacement Parts
WEED EATER HAND HELD--- String Trimmers, Blowers, Chainsaws
WEEDEATER MOWERS & TILLERS--- OEM AYP Parts Weedeater equipment here
WHEEL HORSE--- We carry Rotary brand Aftermarket parts for these
WHITE OUTDOOR PRODUCTS--- Division of MTD, we carry the full line of White Parts
WIZARD--- Wizard Power Equipment Parts and Accessories. (Power equipment only)
No "X" Brands
YARD MACHINES--- YardMachine mower parts keep your Yard Machine in top shape.
YARDMAN--- MTD built Yard Man we have the parts you need to repair them.
YARD KING--- Many parts available. Belts, blades, wheels, pulleys, spindles and more
YAZOO--- Aftermarket Yazoo Parts only

Carlisle Tire Company makes tires for Lawn Mowers, as well as tires for Tillers, Go Karts Wheel barrows, Snow Blowers and all lawn and garden equipment that use  pneumatic tires.
Outdoor Distributors is proud to offer these tires as our primary tire supplier.


Carlisles tires are primarily made in the USA. Carlisle's tires are available in two 2 and four 4 ply models as well as 6 and 8 ply for extremem Duty
 With various tread patterns from Turf Master tread to slick racing type to Agricultural tread. If you need a Carlisle tire not listed on this page,
 Click Here

Wee also carry a complete source of tire inner tubes.
Click Here if You Need Tubes for your tires.
Tires shown do NOT include the rim unless specifically stated. Turf Master tires on this page do not come with rims, tubes, or valve stems

Turf Master
Tires are featured on this page See the menu for other tire tread designs.

Carlisle Turf Master tires from Outdoor Distributors.Please let us know if you have any questions or comments about the Turf Master tyres listed above.